Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moving on up...

Connor 4 months old

Macey and her cousin Elliott
So it has been a while since I last posted... so much is different... We had our baby.. a 10 lb boy named Connor he arrived on Black Friday and he has been a joy ever since! NO MORE BABIES FOR ME!! I feel content to have my three wonderful children and I really don't think I can handle ANY more! We also moved to Fresno CA which is quite a culture shock from sunny SO CAL!!! I'm now a mom of three living in a place I have never been to until now! We have a house now though and I have become a DIY queen.... seriously I have not only painted my entire house but I have reupholstered chairs made pillows and oh so much more!! I have Also become quite the gardener.... I planted wild flowers, strawberries, Lavender, Jasmine, tomatoes, basil, and mint! Life is changing and I still don't know just how I feel about it! I'm not a complainer I just don't do change well, but I have started a new chapter in my life and I will try and embrace it! I have my family and we are all healthy and happy! Emily is now in kindergarten and she is doing AMAZING!! reading and writing above a first grade level!! Macey is about to turn 3 and she is refusing to be potty trained but I honestly don't know what to do to change that, everyday is a new battle with the "big girl potty"!! My husband remains perfect lol not that that's a bad thing in any way but sometimes I just wish he wasn't as wonderful as he is, because I really feel that I need to step things up and just right now it doesn't seem like that is going to happen! 3 kids is exhausting not to mention I stay at home and clean and cook! By the end of my day I just want it to be over!! I don't have time to be perfect!!!!! Well thats all I have for today... more tomorrow!           


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