Friday, February 4, 2011

Round 3

My family (my husband Chuck holding our daughter Emily, and Me
holding our daughter Macey)
So... this November, my Husband and I decided to have another baby. We would like our kids close in age, but we didn't want to have to change 3 diapers at a time! So our oldest, Emily is going to be 5 in April, and our second, Macey will be 2 in June. With the girls, we never set out to try and have them, they sorta just happened. We were happy of course!! But neither of them were planned... So when it comes to the specifics, I really have no Idea what I'm doing! It's amazing how important getting pregnant has become in the last month. I have peed on more pregnancy tests than most women do in their life! Each time I could swear I saw a line when in fact no line had ever been there.... I also acquired EVERY pregnancy symptom that I read about on the Internet (at 4am... gotta love google). The funny part is I have been pregnant twice... I know what it feels like! Yet as every new cycle approaches I somehow seem to lose all reason ability and I SEARCH for maybe 1 symptom I may have forgotten about. And I take pregnancy tests when I know it's too early. Even if I get pregnant, I will never know the day after I ovulate! Everyone tells me relax and it will happen soon enough... but geez this is killing me, and now all these new things I'm supposed to know, like how sensitive a pregnancy test is, or what ovulation strips to get, what my cervix feels like (eww), or the fancy abbreviation language.. OPK, BFN, BFP, AF, TTC, CD, WTF!!!, FML!!!  I miss the good old boobs hurt... I peed on a stick... there was a line. Not kind of a line, not a doctored up picture of a what looks like it might be a pink spot where a line should be... Just a line. PREGNANT. End of story. This is all going to take some time. How exciting! Woo Hoo! A new reason to keep bloging...

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